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We Organize

MikroTik Meetings

Bringing together the world of MikroTik and the professionals who use their products

Date: 22nd-29th June, 2024

We Organize

MikroTik Trainings

We've brought four renowned MikroTik Trainers together to Riga in June to teach students to become the next generation of Networking Engineers.

Meet’n greet beer party (on the 6th March at 18:00)

Exhibitors areas

Two full days of conferences, with lunches/coffee/water, a conference gift bag

The infamous “raffle” at the end

The “Trainers and Distributors only” evening dinner (on the 7th March, requiring separate registration)

5 MikroTik training classes before the MTPC on the 4th – 6th March: MTCNA, MTCSWE, MTCEWE, MTCRE, MTCINE (requiring separate registration)


Welcome to the MikroTik Professionals Conference! Prague 7-8th March 2024

2024 will now be the 5th year without an official MikroTik User Meeting.

But the worldwide MIkroTik community is still demanding a MUM, the occasion of the year to stay together with hundreds of other network geeks, an occasion to improve your skills or to discover things never imagined before.

And here we are!

We can't call it "MUM", as it is not directly managed by MikroTik, but it is still the same exciting experience as before or better!

We have worked hard for five months to let it happen, it's now your turn to be part of it. See you in Prague!



Tickets Available



Technical Presentations



Exhibitors Stands Available

The Venue

Hotel Duo, Prague, Czech Republic

The Hotel Duo is a four star hotel, just out from the city centre with a subway station close by. You will be able to reach the old town in just a few minutes and in the cheapest way.

We also made an agreement with the hotel about the accomodation:
Single room: Eur 69,00 per night
Double room: Eur 79,00 per night
Triple room: Eur 99,00 per night
Executive double room: Eur 108,00 per night
The price is per room and night. It includes buffet breakfast, Wifi and VAT

After you have booked the conference entrance ticket you will receive an email with a special web URL from the hotel, where you can make a direct booking at these special rates.

The hotel has around 650 rooms and we reserved a very large block of rooms but don’t forget the mantra “1st come, 1st served”!

The "iconic" location

Why this hotel?

You possibly don't know this, but the very first MikroTik User Meeting that ever happened was on January, 19th 2006 in Prague, in the Hotel Duo.

Yes! Nineteen years ago!

That's why we choose this "iconic" place, where all it began, where we decided we MikroTik Professionals should start to meet together again.

Is the entrance ticket free?

The MTPC is not directly sponsored by, nor paid for by MikroTik, that’s why the entrance ticket cannot possibly be free.

We knew that this would not be an issue for a “MikroTik Professional”, but we still worked hard to maintain that this price would be as low as possible.
As a professional you should already know how much a conference like this one would cost, also considering the prices of the flight and the hotel.

We fixed a standard price of Eur 300,00, for the two days of the conference, including the two buffet lunches in the hotel, a gift bag, free coffee and water during the conferences. That isn't too much.
But to make more people happy we created a limited number of 'early bird' discount codes which will be shared on social media and the appropriate product pages that will enable you to reduce that price as low as just Eur 175,00.

But we are not finished yet: we have also arranged a ticket version with the midday lunches not included, that will be a little bit cheaper (but think twice before chosing this option: there are not that many places nearby to the hotel to eat….)


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