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The Team behind MTPC

Lorenzo Busatti

Lorenzo has been working on internet TLCs since 1997, when he founded his own ISP in the dialup era and is still today managing a wide area WISP since 2006, providing broadband in the rural areas to the south of Tuscany.
He became a MikroTik Trainer in 2010 and is certified to deliver all of MikroTik’s Training Courses.

He has attended all the MUMs in Europe and in most part of the world (Brazil/US) since his first experience of MikroTik in 2009 in Kraków (Poland) and has delivered more than 10 presentations. He is a passionate MUM enthusiast, which is why he has missed this event too much!

He also likes to describe himself as a “MikroTik Evangelist”

Jaromir Cihak

Jaromir has been using MikroTik RouterOS long before it was even called RouterOS! (In those early days it was simply “MikroTik v2 PC Router Software”).

Jaromir was in fact the one that organized the very 1st “MUM” in Prague for MikroTik.

He was already training students on how to configure MikroTik RouterOS in Prague long before MikroTik had even created the official Train The Trainer certification course. When asked what Trainer Certificate number he would like to have issued to him, he chose TR 007! 😀

He shares his passion for MikroTik almost as much as his passion for flying upside down or climbing vertically upwards in his aerobatic plane!

Ron Touw

Ron has over 40 years of experience working with RF from 9kHz to 100GHz, with over 25 years working for the UK Government on everything from deploying μWave links to designing miniaturized transmitters and finding them!  More recently he can be found working with Wireless ISPs using 2.4GHz, 5GHz, 60GHz and licensed links. He can also often be seen in some Data Centre or another ‘playing’ with MikroTik routers and switches.

He holds training certifications from various companies such as Marconi, Hewlett-Packard, Rohde & Schwarz, Microsoft, Ruckus, Meru, MikroTik and Ubiquiti, Ron has never stop learning.

He became a MikroTik Trainer and Consultant in 2008 and is certified to deliver all MikroTik Training Courses. He created the new MTCEWE course and peer reviewed the MTCSWE with the author Jono Thompson.  He has visited every European MUM since 2008 and made around a dozen presentations about using MikroTik for WiFi and feels that 5 years since the last MUM is far too long and cannot wait to get to Prague!